Before your upcoming visit we would like to start by welcoming you to our facility as well as inform you of a few policies and procedures we ask that you follow while on site. It is important for you to know that safety is our number one priority at Newcastle Shipyards and due to our facility being a construction site, these policies and procedures help ensure your safety as well as those around you.

Entrance Procedure

Upon entering the premises, please report to the Front Office to sign in. If you do not have your own hard hat and safety glasses, the receptionist will provide you with the personal protective equipment along with a visitor badge which will grant you access to the facility. The receptionist will contact the person you are meeting with and they will escort you through the facility for the duration of your visit.

Dress Code


We ask that you please adhere to the dress code below if you will be in any part of the facility other than the Front Office building.

Acceptable attire consists of Closed Toed Shoes, Long Pants, and Shirts With Sleeves that cover the shoulders.

Please refrain from wearing Flip-Flops, High Heels, and Shorts.

Safety Requirements

We have numerous safety rules and regulations at Newcastle Shipyards that are enforced not only by our Safety Department, but also by our Supervisors. Before you are allowed to enter into the construction site, you will be briefed on the safety rules and regulations that apply to you as a visitor. Regardless of the purpose of your visit, it is required that while on the construction site, you must comply with the dress code as well as wearing your hard hat, safety glasses and any other personal protective equipment deemed necessary by our Safety Department at all times. Failure to comply will result in the immediate dismissal from our site.

Please keep in mind that any violation of the information listed above may result in the denial of your access to our facility.

If you should have any questions or concerns, we will be more than happy to address them for you. Feel free to contact us at your convenience.

As always, we appreciate your cooperation and we look forward meeting with you!