New Vessel Construction, Refit and Repair




New Vessel Construction

Through the decades we have constructed many new vessels ranging from commercial to recreational use. We are proud to say that being a small business has not only enabled us to successfully accommodate our Customer's diverse needs, but also to keep our rates fair and competitive in a growing industry. Our facilities are capable of builds of over 200' in length. Our extensive experience in aluminum and steel work includes:

- Barges/ Work Platforms - Catamarans - Crew Vessels - Cruise Line Tenders - Dinner Boats - Fishing Trawlers -

 - Gambling Vessels - Ocean Going Tug Boats - Paddle Wheelers - Research Vessels - SWATH Vessels-

- Treasure Recovery Vessel/ Jack Up Barge -

For pictures of these vessels, please see our Gallery.

Refit and Repair

We are pleased to provide Customers with the option of Refit and Repair work at both of our locations. Our dedicated team of in-house specialists are Certified and/or Licensed in Carpentry , Electrical, Pipe Fitting, Ship Fitting, and Welding and exemplify this in each of their crafts. In addition to these services, we also offer on site Blasting, Fairing, and Painting for your convenience. Our 1,000 ton marine railway also provides our Customers with the option of Haul Out services.

Whether you are interested in a new vessel or are needing to have your current vessel reworked, we will be more that happy to review your specifications or make an assessment for you. Please Contact Us  for further information.